Internet Transformed by PageRank Update

So, I wake up this morning, and surely enough, my page rank has risen to 4. Not only had mine changed this time, but it seems like every websites'. One thing which seems universal is that pages selling text links were penalized by lower page ranks. It also appears that there is a lot more parity among blogs' page ranks, which could be for a number of reasons. For example, ProBlogger, which is ranked in the top 2,200 most trafficked websites on the internet, had a page rank of 4 for a short while. Now, my blog which has barely existed for three months, has that page rank while ProBlogger moved up to PR 6. To put it into context, around 150 pages total are linking to this website, while tens of thousands have linked to ProBlogger over the years.

I'm not completely sure why Google has done this, but I'm going to speculate what this might mean. I've always thought of Google as trying to govern the internet and determine its directions. What will likely occur from the penalization of page rank is more aggressive advertising from marketers in order to maintain online profits. This could be Google's way of trying to boost the internet's 'GDP', as opposed to the common belief that it is to give quality websites more of a chance against rich ones. What do you guys think about this? What could this mean for a websites' profits in the future?

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As a Blogger You Will Be Judged

A lot of this will seem ironic…but at least I’m not ignorant. Here is a list of things you really need to think about if you own a blog.

First, visitors take about 10 seconds to determine what kind of content you have. And they have a set of assumptions and things to focus in on when they show up. They aren’t going to read all of your posts to decide that they like you. They may read one, but other things will catch their eye.

If the visitor has access to your traffic reports, Alexa rank, PageRank or RSS subscribership, you need to be cautious. People are afraid to admit that they trust the ‘market’ in terms of quality articles. If the first articles they read are poorer but you have a large number of subscribers, they will continue reading. If your first few articles are good but you have a weak subscribership, they will continue reading. But if you have a few weak articles and a weak subscribership, they won’t be coming back. If you’re not sure what a strong subscribership looks like, you should look around at the established blogs in your niche. Most have over 1,000 people subscribed. That doesn’t mean you should hold off putting a widget on your site; after all a few hundred subscribers still looks good. But for the most part hold off for a bit showing your subscribership.

If you’re blogging about money, don’t focus too hardcore on yourself until you get established. People will only want to hear from you once you’ve become an icon for blogging success (read: John Chow). Until then try to focus on your readers. I don’t mean ‘suck up to them’ but you more the less need to do that. Don’t build yourself up yet; the only real thing between you and your readers is that you own the blog. Problogger’s little cartoon described it best: To become a famous blogger you either need to blog and then become famous, or become famous and then blog. So just be yourself.

One last thing is tailored towards the finance/home business blogging family. Okay, you’re making money, great. Don’t make it into your website theme. You aren’t John Chow. Don’t turn your blog into your adventure to make money online, because it puts too much focus on yourself, not your readers. Do they really want to keep reading if you are only talking about how you’re doing great, and how they could be too? You want to sound like a blogger, not a pyramid scheme advertiser.

So I guess the point of this article is basically to say, don’t try anything out of your reach when you blog. Stick to your guns, represent yourself well on your blog, and at least try your best to sound like you know what the hell you’re talking about.

As a sidenote, all of these tips have come from experience, and I have made all of these mistakes before. That's why to a few of my readers this post may sound quite ironic. But I'm still learning, right?

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A Huge Leap Forward for Peter Morrow's Online Money

Well, Darren Rowse of Problogger had told his readers to forget about Page Rank and build a better blog. I took those words seriously, and recently, I've been spending more time on this site. In his article, he said that he believed Google was updating its Page Rank database. I suppose he was right. Just this evening I checked my barely three month old blog and surely enough I now have a Page Rank of 4! This is truly more than I had hoped for.

Now that I've got it I'm interested to see what I can do to maximize my traffic. As most of you know, Google uses PageRank and keywords to rank pages in search results. Therefore, what I should focus on is picking the right keywords. If I changed this sites title to money'Make Money Online', I would likely wind up on the bottom of the first/top of the second page of results, pretty much guaranteeing 50 page views a day from that keyword alone. But what if I picked something more unique? It's really hard to say. Until PMM gets re-cached by search engines and a few weeks of traffic analysis comes in, I won't be able to make a fair assessment. But I'm pretty excited.

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Business Philosophy: Case study on Online Scams

Okay, I’m deviating a little bit on this post. You won’t find any new ways to make money online in this rant, but please stick with me. I’m delving a little more into the topic of online scams.

I look at Surf Junky and images of Enron pop into my head. The first thing you’re probably thinking is, ‘Whoa there, Enron stole millions from shareholders, lied explicitly, whereas Surf Junky is a private company and explained in their terms and conditions clearly that they make no guarantee of profits and that they can withhold any payment.’ Yes, you’re right. Surf Junky is not stealing your money. They didn’t ask you for a dime, and don’t have the same sort of legal agreement that a shareholder would have with a company.

But how is it that we tolerate these scams? You’re probably thinking, ‘Well, tough luck. If you had read the terms and conditions closely you would have known what you were getting into.’

True, yes.

But what kind of company is allowed to employ individuals to fuel their profits with a 100% guarantee that no profit can be made by those very people? How is it that we are so ridiculously laissez-faire about this issue that the relentless drive to make money that we forget our democratic values? Our values are of capitalism, human rights, safety and responsible government. It is one of our values that laws can change to better suit the general good of the public. And don’t come back with me saying that laws leave morality off the table. Not all laws are designed to simply help the public; some are in fact only to protect the individual. Let me make this distinction clear: Killing is illegal because it hurts the public, whereas not wearing a seatbelt is illegal because the government has decided that it is the best for the individual. The same goes for polygamy, in which the government has made a moral judgment on the issue which has indeterminate outcomes.

So why are we too stubborn to stop these deceptions of the public? Well, for starters, we don’t know how, so we give up. Is it too hard to make a clear cut distinction between what is and is not a scam? Where does Surf Junky’s income come from? The labor of the public (although it’s not tough labor by any stretch of the imagination). Is it not clear that there is something wrong with deceiving your ‘workers’ into believing that they will be paid? This is different than if there is a variety of success levels and you purport that you will become very wealthy from it. No, Surf Junky is unique in that they pay out to nobody, but claim that they will. Therefore, are they a real business? I think you could make the case that they are an illegitimate one.

Of course, there will be those that say they are completely legitimate in that those who use the site are voluntarily helping it, and not intending to be paid by the company. This is a slippery slope argument in that the terms and conditions completely trumps any uncertainty to this. Then, would you not see it as a problem that if you are logged in, you cannot read the terms and conditions? I would say this is the same as withholding a legal contract from a signatory – which is incredibly undemocratic.

It’s sad that the pursuit for wealth still allows this kind of misconduct. So do I have any validity at all or do you see me as Karl Marx? Because I’m not. I’m as close as you can be to a liberal in terms of business sense. But this is something that is driving me nuts. It’s our responsibility as internet users to want to improve the legal state of the environment of our success.

I am tired and busy and I don't want to spend any more of my time dealing with the shortcomings of the internet and the idiots the exploit it, so I'm going to sign off for now. I haven't proofread this article at all so I am sorry for any grammatical errors. But I really just wanted to write a 'rant', so I haven't edited anything I've said. It's all there.

I have not linked to Surf Junky because they don't deserve any more incoming links. If you really want to check them out, Google it.

Please comment!

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Make Money with Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve is one of the e-currencies available in the cyber world. It is gaining momentum nowadays and is being used to make online transactions either for trading or for funding your FOREX account. They have a 100% irrevocable payment system and digital currency. You can send or receive money to or from anyone in the world.

Its special features include:

  • Get paid, stay paid - unlike credit cards, all payments are irrevocable. You can even send payments to many users at once using the batch pay option.
  • Pay your bills - Just use any of our approved exchange providers to send a check to you or anyone and anywhere in the world in exchange for your Liberty Reserve funds.

The company is protected by an offshore Trust, and is at all times backed 100% by U.S. dollars for LR-USD accounts, and by gold for LR-gold accounts, etc. They offer extremely competitive rates & discrete, confidential service. Free accounts. Internal transfer costs are a maximum 25 cents.

Like other e-currency, Liberty Reserve also has a referral program. Everyone could take part and make money with this great opportunity. All you have to do is open an account and have at least USD10 balance in your account to be a referrer plus:-

  1. Post your referrer link on any online page. Direct referral links entered in a browser will not work.
  2. Referrers that generate a lot of fake accounts will be frozen. Warn your friends and clients not to open fake accounts.
  3. The most important thing is you must not pay people for signing up under you.

You will earn $0.25 cents on every referral without any limits and each member that signs up using your referral link gets $0.05 in their account . All referrals are paid automatically upon successful account activation. Sounds pretty good.

It will not stop there, as a referrer, you will receive 10% of any fee that is generated from that user for his or her internal spend transactions. These payments will be automatically made to your account as long as that user is active.

Open your free Liberty Reserve account now.

Please feel free to comment on this article, I would really like to hear what you guys think about this opportunity.

Thanks to for this article submission.

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The Dangers of Making Money Online

Let’s admit it: social interactions on the internet is not the same as in real life. You aren’t held accountable for things in the same way and people can’t see your face. Big companies try their best to dig into your pockets and time and get away unscathed. It leaves you angry and greatly discourages you from continuing to work on your goals. There are a few pointers I feel are necessary to share:

Read the Terms and Conditions! If the website doesn't have any, you shouldn’t go near it. I used to skim over the Terms and Conditions part until I realized that it’s used as a legal tool. For example, Agloco’s membership agreement reads:

"The amount of money that will be credited to your account for each hour of Active Surfing by You, or for the Active Surfing of Your Referrals or Extended Referrals (the "Hourly Rate(s)") may vary. You agree that AGLOCO™ may change (decrease or increase) any Hourly Rate at any time for any country or countries effective as of the posting of such new Hourly Rate(s) on the Global Payment Table.”

That basically gives Agloco the license to decrease the Hourly Rate to something which is completely worthless. If that were to happen, you might not have wasted money, but you wasted time. I don’t think Agloco is a scam, but I do think it is a rather sketchy business plan.

Don’t put your money down up front. Many schemes are designed to appear to be a real product when in fact they are luring you to join their business plan to recruit other members. This may be a pyramid scheme or something similar.

Don’t trust anything that a company claims about itself. Really, don’t. A company can rave about how great its customers are doing and how much they’re earning. The reality is that they can say that as long as it’s happened once before. For example, you will find any website which purports that you will get rich from their service has to put the following, somewhere on their site:

“Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a "get rich scheme."”

Whatever their claims may be, you need to be aware this. You also need to be aware that what they really mean is that every effort has been made to accurately not get their asses sued. You need to come to face with the fact that it is a lot easier for scam artists to get away on the internet, and, due to these statements, virtually impossible for you to take them to court. Chances are you wouldn’t do such a thing anyways.

I had a chance to ask Mr. GPT a few questions about online scams, and he writes,

“Some advice I give to people looking to avoid scams is always check for payment proof. Sometimes the websites will contain a Payment Proof page, such as Other times, you may have to check their forums. Which brings me to my next point. Read up on the forums if they have one. Especially the "Support" section. Note what people are having problems with and how to avoid it.

”And last but not least, use Google to your advantage. Try typing in the site you're possibly going to join and add scam at the end. One of the well known scams, SurfJunky, still exists to this day. But by a simple Google search of SurfJunky scam, you can easily see that the program is a scam. Remember to read some of the links Google gives you as well. Just because one site says it's a scam doesn't mean it is. However, with SurfJunky, for example, you can easily tell the majority of the results say it is a scam.”

And now let’s look at a couple encouraging snippets out of Surf Junky’s Terms of Service:

“Surf Junky is currently in a beta testing phase. Members will be notified by email when Surf Junky is no longer in the beta phase of it's development. Any credit or commission earned during this beta testing time shall not be considered as payable income.”


“Payments may be withheld by Surf Junky for any given reason for any period of time. Payment periods end on the last day of every month.”

It takes a lot less time to skim the Terms and Conditions than it does to figure out that it was a scam after all. The only reason I got tricked by this myself is because a blog I read recommended it. Clearly they hadn’t used it before.

The take-home message out of all of this is to realize that very few things are free. Those sites that are free tend to make it very difficult to accumulate money. If you want to make money online, realize that the only person who is going to protect you from scams like these is yourself.

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