Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Here is an introductory post to affiliate marketing. I realized I didn't have one to explain to people what it is. I myself am not overly involved in affiliate marketing, but I got connected with somebody who is.

Many Americans are working harder than ever to make up for the increasing costs for living and a lot of people are looking for a job on the side of their regular job to make up for the extra expenses. It’s a sad fact since it means that more and more peopleare spending less time at home with their family. Fortunately there’s affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing is a cheap way of making money, and there’s a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing. The other bonus is that you’ll also get more spare time when making your dollars online. It doesn’t take that much time and effort to learn and work with. Some have been so successful that they’ve been able to quit their day job in order to lay all of their efforts on affiliate marketing. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to do it.

Create a Website Devoted to a Merchant

If you’re going to promote a well-known brand it could be a good idea to create a website that is totally devoted to this brand. On this site you should add industry-related news or anything that may concern your selected merchant. I guess one could say that you’re tailoring the site to a single merchant and its customers.

Building one of these sites is cheap but it also takes some understanding of how to create a website. Also important to take into consideration is an understanding of search engines work. Many talk about search engine optimization and it means that you try to rank as high as possible on search engines. There’s much to read about this topic on various forums on the Internet.

Working with Blogs

If you don’t know how to create a website you could very well work with blogs instead. They also come cheap and many are entirely free of charge. If you want to make money from your blog then it should be based on a certain topic – you need to create a following! Promote brands/merchants that are in some way related to this topic. The readers of the blog should have the possibility of somehow benefiting from the products/services you promote. For example, if you a blog about famous authors then you should promote a company selling books. That’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Your blog needs to be updated on a daily basis in order to get a high ranking on search engines. As mentioned earlier can you find much information about search engine optimization on the Internet. Take the time to learn this before starting your affiliate business, you will have a much greater chance of becoming successful if you do your homework!

Both of these methods will take some time in the start-up – your site or blog has to become a presence on the web in order to make money from it! However, once this is done you’ll be on easy street. If you don’t give we are sure that you’ll be able to make a killing off affiliate marketing.

This guest post was provided by - a resource for anyone is interested in affiliate marketing. Don't forget to check out their reviews to find affiliate programs to get started with.

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Turn Your Blog Into a Business NOW

Your blog isn't just supposed to be a blog.

That's if, like many of us, you want to build it into a business that succeeds. If you haven't thought about what it would be like to have a very successful, time consuming blog, maybe it's time to plan for it. There are a number of reasons why to do this.

First of all, and most obvious, is that once you get to this point, you won't be able to organize things and you won't have time to do everything you need to do. Blogging takes a LOT of time and effort. If you really want to make a killing off of it, do you really think you'll have enough hours in your day to do all of the things you do right now?

There are a few really easy ways to improve your infrastructure.

Create Your Own Guidebooks, For Yourself

Everybody who blogs has had to learn things the hard way - whether it was putting together a crappy ad campagin, throwing up a poll that nobody answered, marketing an article that nobody cared about, or running ads on their blog that never made enough money.

You need to create guidebooks for yourself of everything you do successfully. For instance, if you want to hold a contest for your blog, wouldn't it be nice to have a document put together of who you need to contact to get the word out, where you submit your contest information, and what sites you would advertise on? It's a lot simpler to do that than to have to remember these things again and again.

The only thing that many bloggers have recorded is their traffic stats and their earnings. Well, great. It's lots of fun to monitor those things. But, these are simply outputs of your inputs. When you want to relearn your inputs, you will need to go back and do it all again. Every blogger overestimates how much of this stuff they can remember and organize in their heads. In reality, they are wasting loads of time because they fail to view their blogging career as a systematic business.

If Your Blog isn't a Business, Nobody Will Treat it Like One

Imagine a wise CEO who had worked with a company for 15 years just got up and left. Do you think his shoes would be easily to fill? What about all of the things he had learned along the way which he hadn't written down?

If you turn your blog into a business, you make it easier to sell it. Your ability to sell your blog is highly dependent on its track record, and proof of how and why it will continue to succeed. If someone comes along wanting to buy your blog and finds out you can provide them with all the tools they need to keep it running the way it was, its value will skyrocket. If you can put an intangible value on your blog above projected earnings and stats, you'll be in a good place.

Prepare to Delegate Duties

Making money online doesn't have to mean minimizing costs.

Those were the words of Yaro Starak, an extremely successful online entrepreneur. He knew through his experience that if you don't plan to be a business down the road, you won't ever be. You need to be able to take your guidebooks and records of your blog and put them in somebody else's hands if you need them to work for you. If you don't have these things, you won't have the time or energy to delegate. And as your blog grows bigger, you will miss more and more opportunities to grow. Eventually, you will learn things the hard way and delegate powers long after you should have done.

You don't have to learn things the hard way. Listen to other bloggers who have already 'made' it. Ask them questions. Hear their story. Plan, from top to bottom, to run a business of that size one day. Once you see your blog as a business, others will too.

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Quick Tips for Creating a Damn Good Sales Pitch

When I was in Shanghai this past month I was given an excellent sales pitch which left me extremely impressed. I didn't end up making a purchase, but I picked up on a few really simple pointers on how to gain the attention of even the least interested buyer. I was up in Jinmao Tower in Shanghai and I was walking around the observatory, when I came across a table with two ladies making pearl necklaces.

Grab Their Attention

The first thing they said to me to get my attention was 'May I see your ticket please?' I was unable to divert my attention from them because they established themselves as officials. I showed them my ticket, and they then told me 'You are eligible for a free pearl'.

Keep Their Attention

At this stage I thought, 'okay, this better be free, I am not going to forget the fact that I was told I was getting this for free no matter what they say'. My eyes were then drawn to the second part of their table, where the lady was prying open oysters and giving letting the customers look at them.

When I got my turn I was going to just turn around and leave with the pearl, but the lady then said, 'Would you like me to drill a hole through it so you can make it into a necklace? That is also free'. I said sure, why not. After all, it's free. At this stage I know that the pearl is going to be mine by the end of the salespitch.

When she finished drilling the hole, she then said, 'Because today is the 8th, we are giving away the necklace part for free too' (The 8th was the day of the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics). I said great, I will take that too.

She then told me that 'if I had a friend or girlfriend I might want to consider getting a custom designed connector piece' for my necklace. This was the first time anything which I had to buy was brought up. But because I already had a pearl, with a hole drilled in it, and a necklace, I just might find that useful.

I didn't end up going for the necklace, because I guess I'm just too conscious about when somebody is making a salespitch to me. But to the average customer, I just might buy.

Turn Them Into a Customer

The pearl sellers took it slowly with me and gave themselves the best possible chance to get me to buy their necklace. Here's what they did.

1. They caught my attention by establishing themselves as an authority/official. They did this not by trying to sell the product, but by engaging me with conversation.

2. They kept my attention with an actual demonstration of how the product was being made (Cool!).

3. They put a FREE product in my hand. (The Chinese absolutely love free stuff. More than us.)

4. They kept me at the table for an extended period of time, creating the illusion to myself that I am actually interested in a product which I had originally had NO intention to buy before.

5. They made me think about other people when making the purchase - girlfriend, friend, mom, etc. This made me consider of how much the product was worth to these other people in my life, not me. It almost made me buy it.

Don't Sell, Pre-sell

The necklace sellers put all of their efforts into the PRE-sale, not the actual sale. They turned the product buying into an adventure, and made me consider buying something I would never seek to buy. That's a little better of an effort than the vendors on the streets in China who ask you immediately to buy a watch or wallet from them.

How You Can Immediately Improve Your Sales Pitches

A good way to improve your sales pitches on your websites is to keep a dossier of what has and hasn't worked as a sales pitch. In fact, soon after this little occurrence happened, I took down the details on my cell phone.

If you keep a record of what you find good and bad, what works and doesn't work, what was unique and what turned you off, you are reminding yourself that you too are a customer. If you can look back at that, you will have a better grasp of the customer's perspective, and how to turn on the light in their head that gets them into a buying mood.

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. Banned in China!

Hey folks, stopping in today from an internet cafe in downtown Shanghai. I'm doing an internship in the marketing department of a company called Urbanatomy. I help a little bit with internet marketing too.

It's a little annoying updating this blog from China because it's banned here. Someone said it might be because I use blogspot, but I have other blogs of mine on blogspot which work. So there ya go. Banned.

I can post because I can reach my dashboard and update any of my blogs - but I can't view this one. I have to just visualize it based on the HTML. I haven't made any tweaks to my template because I'm afraid of the whole thing going wacky.

I touch down in Toronto on August 10, a place where I am not banned. I miss seeing my blog :(

I've almost doubled my monthly earnings. When you look at my past ones, that's not that big of a difference. But the way things are trending, I don't see them going back down for any reason. Just further up. Cheers to that.

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How to be a Fool: Post Links to Useless Websites

You know how I know a website is great? When it links to Agloco. Not only is the description of it flawed, i.e. it says 'get paid to surf online!' because we all know Agloco paid nobody, but the website doesn't even exist still.

If you run a website, you must always keep in mind that people can still come to your site to view old posts. Try doing a spring cleaning of your older posts to remove dead links or links to places that are of no use to your readers nowadays.

There are several practical reasons to do this. First of all, on an intangible note, you will be annoying your readers. When you give a link, the only thing that should matter is whether it's useful to your readers. Too many times do bloggers give links to pages that benefit themselves over their readers.

Secondly, you reduce the number of links that leave your blog. This can help boost your PageRank in the next update. Why bother giving a link to Google Adsense? They really dont need the PageRank as much as you do.

Thirdly, if they're affiliate links or partnerships that are no longer of use to you, you increase the chance of losing a customer. If you don't have an affiliate program in your money making plans then you're best to stop giving them traffic and PageRank. If you really feel you need to keep a link up for relevancy, then at least add the nofollow attribute (look it up) to it.

Do you even look at your old articles? Have you ever thought of spring cleaning your website in these ways, or is this a calling? Share your thoughts with us.

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How I Plan on Making Money With Facebook

Just a note: I have gone to China for a business internship, and won't be back until mid August. With me luck! I am fairly sure that I will not be able to access my blog while I am over there - blogs are for the most part banned.

At first glimpse Facebook appears to be a tough place to access users – after all, the only information Facebook provides about their users is whatever users are willing to give up – which often is as little as possible. Over the past year, Facebook has continued to develop their application platform which has been an effective way for advertisers and users to click.

However, if you’re reading my blog, you’re probably not in dire need of basic marketing tips. If you have the money it is entirely possible that Facebook will do most of the marketing work for you – they know their website best. As I have found, it is entirely possible to market on Facebook with no money and little knowledge of who your customers are.

These tactics may not be entirely effective, but they are worth a try. I will also say that the tactics I am trying with Facebook are in a moral grey area.

I have noticed, in discussion with friends of mine who use the service, that an overwhelming amount of men randomly add women. They simply flock to the search feature to find attractive women and add, then message them. Therefore, I see no fault in taking advantage of this as an invitation to be advertised to.

If you were to create a facebook account with an attractive – but believable display picture, and join a few networks, you should be able to have several people add you every week. If you make several of these accounts, you will have an even larger and ever increasing pile of contacts.

Unlike email, people who are contacted over facebook read everything sent to them. I am going to experiment, once I have my lists in place, of trying to refer my ‘contacts’ to websites using affiliate links, and see what happens. This is just a theory at the moment, but I like the fact that it’s a free of investment method of creating a list of people to advertise to.

According to many marketers who have tried to use Facebook’s advertising platform, it isn’t the most rewarding, and only works as a way to build an identity as a company. With the potential Facebook has, I’m going to try something new.

I will keep you all posted if it does or does not work – and I’d love to hear what you think.

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Annual Review Part 2: Big Changes and Earnings Breakdown

If you haven’t Read Part 1 of the Annual Review, go back and check out my annual earnings report.

In this part, I talk about how I will steer my blog in the right direction, and how I plan on boosting my earnings. I will also release the ways I earned money this past year.

Big Changes Coming

When I start Peter Morrow’s Online Money 2.0, I plan on making it a place to chronicle other money ventures. As I mentioned previously, I am starting a business in sports betting with a friend and I should be getting that going at some point this summer.

I want my blog to look cleaner, and this should be possible with a Wordpress template that I have more control over. That will give me and my sponsors confidence in my image, and would make it something I can be proud of and share with friends.

Hopefully I will post more, and the second year around, have more valuable information to share. In all of my posts in the course of year one, the ones that got the best responses were the ones that came from the heart and were completely original. I have had trouble posting a lot and although I have considered posting more, I feel I can’t keep it up with the busy life I have. For those who don’t know me too well, I go to university and I’m 19 years old.

I am gaining enough confidence to invest money into the blog as well. As the earnings go up, I will pool more and more into marketing. I don’t rely on the money I make from this blog, so a vast majority of it will go back into the system.

Breaking Down The Earnings

I’m not going to break down my earnings in dollars and cents (more the latter!) because they’re all pretty small. I don’t want to talk too much about monetization because I feel like I can do that part pretty well, even while I’ve been with Blogspot. Using Wordpress I should see a marked improvement, almost certainly. I’m still going to tell you how I made the small amount of money I did this year.

My biggest earner was AdSense. That’s because I used it from the very moment I started my blog. I wasn’t very happy with my AdSense earnings anyways, as I wrote about before. My second biggest earner was from private sales, which was my best earner in recent months. Following that is Project Wonderful, then a little bit from ReviewMe and Kontera.

Luckily, the one thing which has been fairly steady has been my RSS readership. Even when my PR got dumped (due to changing domains in April), my subscribership was left in tact. I’m hovering around 45 readers at the moment, which I’m at least satisfied with. Like blog monetization, that is something I can deal with easily and not overthink, because most of my focus should be going to creating good content.

I know there’s a lot of hope in making my online businesses a success. I’ve already demonstrated that I’ve got commitment by staying on board longer than many beginners would. Making it to one year is a big mark for me. Here’s to number two!

Goals, Goals, Goals

I’ve estimated roughly that if I were to keep things going the way they are right now, I would be on pace to make roughly 250-300 dollars next year. While this sounds alright, I’m going to be earning in the kiddie pool forever unless I step it up.

That’s why I’m going to set a firm goal and really go after it. In the next year, I plan on earning 600 dollars online.

In order to achieve that, I’m going to need to make around 50 dollars a month. As the graph showed in previous edition of this report, I’m on pace to make that much in two years. Let’s try to cut that in half.

Of course, if things go well, I won’t need to make these small goals. If I surpass them, I will celebrate for a moment, and then set the bar even higher. Wish me luck.

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Annual Review Part 1: Earnings Report, Year One

Early happy birthday to Peter Morrow’s Online Money! It has been a year of learning, patience, excitement, failure, and to some extent, success.

When I began this blog on July 12, 2008, I will have to admit that I saw it as a means. In fact, I can’t really tell you why I started it on this vast niche which is making money online. I think it was because that’s what I wanted to do with my time, and make it a hobby of mine.

In year one, I didn’t achieve financial success. I’ll explain in this article why I think that is, and what I’m going to do to change that.

First, I will show you how my earnings looked this year:

On average, I made $ 11.47 a month, and in total, I made $ 150. What a nice, round number.

Yes, the earnings are grudgingly trending upward, but let’s look at my projected earnings for the next two years:

After three years of blogging, I would be earning 50 dollars a month only. Is it worth the commitment?

Not at that rate. Not with that little to show for.

First, I will break down why I think I couldn’t kick-start my earnings:

1. I didn’t know a whole lot about my blog topic when I began, and couldn’t provide knowledgeable information on a regular basis.
2. I didn’t care enough about my blog topic.
3. I didn’t post enough.
4. I didn’t invest any money into marketing the blog.
5. I wasn’t confident enough about my skills or brand image.
6. My technological skills were, and are suspect at best.

So how can I steer this ship in the right direction?

Well, this post should help me reflect upon the year as a whole, and it’s already helping me decide what I want to do.

The first step will be a fresh start. I am going to learn Wordpress and then make the transition away from Blogspot, eventually. I would appreciate any help from fellow bloggers who know how I can maybe transfer my blog over. Blogspot was a good way to get started but it doesn’t cut it, and I expect more at this stage.

What’s the next move for me?

It continues in Part Two, which will be posted in a few days from now.

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Working Online Means You Need A Way To Accept Credit Card Payments

Today Debbie Dragon will be sharing with us some of her expertise on accepting payments from your clients.

I've been watching Peter's blog with interest. As an online freelance writer for more than five years, it's always great to follow the journey of new people entering the world of online businesses and blogging for money.

Whenever you enter the industry of working online, though, it's important that you understand at some point – you'll need a way to accept credit card payments from your clients. Most people rely on paypal these days as their primary way to accept payment; but there may be instances when the client refuses to use paypal for one reason or another, and it's a good idea to have a back-up plan for accepting payments. If your business explodes, and you start receiving payments regularly from clients, you may also consider other ways to accept credit card payments to reduce the fees you pay.

In the past, it was really difficult for a small business to accept credit card payments. Not only was it expensive to get set up, but the fees per transaction were quite outrageous and the typical small business owner couldn't see the benefits of it when compared to the cost of it all. Now, thanks to e-commerce and the internet, small business owners and independent contractors can easily and affordably accept credit cards from their clients.

Third Party Providers for Credit Card Processing

Paypal is your typical third party provider. These providers handle the processing of the credit card and deposit the funds into an account that you can access online. Once the money (minus the provider's fees) are deposited, you can transfer it to your normal bank account (or in some cases, withdraw it from an ATM or shop with a debit card).

Merchant Accounts Through Banks

For people who have been in business for awhile, you might consider an actual merchant account through a bank. There are both positives and negatives associated with processing credit cards with a merchant account. Advantages include the security and dependability that coems from working through a bank, and the fees are quite low if you have good credit. If you are looking to accept credit cards from clients online, or have less than great credit, you may find it difficult to get approved for a standard merchant account, however.

Getting Your Money From Credit Card Payments

No matter which way you decide to process credit card payments from your clients, you can pretty much get the payments transferred from the processor to your own bank account within a few days. The processor takes their fees from the credit card payment before passing along the balance, so you'll want to consider that when setting your rates and just charge a few dollars more to help offset the fees.

Debbie Dragon is a writer for, where she writes about credit cards, rewards programs, credit card processing and general personal finance.

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Back From Vacation; Money Updates

This past 10 days I went to Northern Ireland to visit some relatives. It was a nice little trip. I had limited internet access but I was able to maintain my earnings on this blog.

I can't believe it's already been a year since I started this blog. I wasn't sure from the beginning if I would keep it going or not, but I've grown an affection for blogging and the more I learn the more I realize the potential I have to develop it into something really special.

As always, blogging takes up a lot of time. I plan on making money on the internet in other forms. That is why I'm proud to announce that shortly I will be starting my first major website project. A programmer and I have been working on a sports betting website and it is hopefully going to make a huge splash sometime this summer. Once that gets going, the real money making begins for me and my associates.

As for this blog, I plan to keep it going. As I start having more to "rave" about, this blog will become my journal of how I am making money online - because who doesn't want more money making ideas?

July 12th, 2007 was the start date of this blog. Since that time, I have learned a great deal about blogging. I know what it takes to make a living out of blogging, and it sure isn't easy. The people who read blogs are well informed folks, and its awfully hard to sell their eyeballs! I don't expect much income out of this blog, but maybe that's a good thing, because I'll never feel disappointed.

This July 12th, I'll post up my earnings for the year. I've contemplated giving monthly earnings, but they really aren't much worth talking about on a monthly basis. Maybe once things start moving along nicely I will do so. Stay tuned for the July 12th year in review!

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Park a Domain and Cash In

I mentioned the other week how I bought a domain name and planned on testing it as a way to make some money. If you haven’t already, read that post here.

For those who are wondering how to optimize domain parking keywords, consider these simple tips:

Know your domain's traffic source and quality - by hosting the domains on your own server with traffic analyzer like Awstats. This feature is very common to cPanel. From there you will know geolocation and searched terms of your domains visitors. Use the searched terms as basis for your lander keywords. Know your visits geolocation so you’ll know what language to use for keywords and to what parking program will best monetize a foreign traffic, for non-US.

Keyword Discovery - know what people are really searching that are related to your domain names. Get the top 15 highest searched kw and use them for the lander. It benefits users because you provide them with what they're searching that will result to a high probability for maximum CTR. KeywordDiscovery is also a good alternative for Overture keyword tool (OVT, now that's no longer working). It wouldn't show same result as OVT was providing us but it can be of help do determine rough estimate of domain with extension type-in numbers.

Adwords Keyword Tool - know how much advertisers are paying for particular keywords that are related to your domain name. Get the top paying, most searched that are synonymous to your traffic searches. Use this as "guide" to project possible revenue.

For expired domain traffic, use Google and's Wayback machine for background and/or historical research.

Domain parking keyword optimization is easy for everyone by using these basic methods and tools. This is also really helpful for other web marketing campaigns and SEO.

This simple process is very common to most parkers but can be of help to those who are learning and new.

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Around the Money Niche – June 18

We’re back again for the second edition of Around the Money Niche, in which I collect articles from around the make money online niche of the internet.

Just a small update: I will have limited access to my computer over the next two weeks, as I will be going to my cottage then off to visit relatives in Northern Ireland, where I was born.

Avoid the Scams: Red Flags

Modern Ways of Saving Money: 4 Tricks That Can Make You Rich

The Internet Marketing DO List: Get Earning, Stop Talking

Five Online Resources For Forex Beginners

Why Most People Fail In Business

That’s all for now.

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Bought A Domain: Beginning Of An Empire?

Alright, haha. This post isn't to announce the beginning of my online empire, but it is a first in my online carreer.

Last night I bought the domain name Why? Because there is a new site I see getting popular with the URL The idea is that, if someone types the URL in incorrectly they will go to my page, which will have relevant affiliate links on it that I can make some money from.

Any time someone types in, they will be redirected to a 'parked page' as it is called. Many internet marketers have tried this tactic, so I've just taken this wisdom and applied it. It cost me 10 bucks (I'm certain I could have got it cheaper, but too late). As long as I make 10 dollars this year, I'll be at least glad I took the risk. If it makes 20, I'll be alright with it.

But, will it succeed? It's hard to tell. Most people trying to located the BlogRolled website will likely be bloggers, and that likely means that they will be told of the site by a fellow blogger. That means they come via a link, which implies there will be no typo which takes them to my website.

Furthermore, there's always the high chance that BlogRolled won't become a popular website. It is a place for bloggers to sell a link in their blogroll, which may or not be a good idea. Advertisers may not be willing to give money to a low traffic website, and a high traffic blog may not be willing to lose credibility by selling spots in their blogroll. If the website can't catch on quickly, it will likely fail.

Then, if people end up wanting to go to the website and accidentally come to mine, they are likely to realize they're at the wrong place and leave. I need to target what I do on this page of mine heavily towards bloggers. I plan on making it as useful as possible.

I'll let you know how this goes, but as you can tell from my post I've already identified many shortcomings in this plan. Maybe somebody will by the domain off of me. Who knows.

What do you guys think? Am I crackpot for doing this?

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Entrecard: We're More Than Glad To Steal Your Ad Earnings!

Just a quick update. For those of you bloggers who use Entrecard, they have just released a way for users to launch their own marketing campaign to buy Entre Credits.

What does this mean?

It means that traffic doesn't count for much - you're going up against those with more money than you. Just like many systems, Entrecard has caved into the demand for the wealthy users to buy their way up the system. That means that normal users have literally no chance to get their ads on websites with high levels of traffic - because now that people can just buy credits, they will blast up the cost for advertising on those blogs.

Google goes in one direction by penalizing those who try to game the PageRank sytem, while Entrecard encourages people to buy their way up to the top of theirs.

What's worse about this horrible, greedy decision by Entrecard is that they're literally saying, if you put a widget on your site, we'll find advertisers and take all of the earnings! Sounds fair!

If you don't like the idea, then remove your Entrecard widget. I've already started thinking heavily about this.

Thanks for selling out, EntreCard!

Update June 4: Problogger drops Entrecard.
Update July 9: Tyler Cruz drops Entrecard.
Update August 15: John Chow drops Entrecard.

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Around the Money Niche – June 3

I’m going to start posting some links to useful articles from now on. I find them easily by checking my RSS Feed (click link for more info on RSS Feeds), which puts all of the new posts from my favourite sites on one page, on a daily basis.

I’ve picked out some recent, relevant articles for the online entrepreneurs and the bloggers as well, because I know my readership has a bit of both. Hope you like!

Make Money From Old, Unused Domains

55 RSS Directories to Help You Promote Your Feeds!

Is it Possible to Earn a Full Time Salary as a Part Time Blogger?

Make Money Online With Your Blogroll

How to Stop Making Excuses For Why Your Business Isn't Growing

That's all for now.

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Making $100 A Day Without Spending a Single Penny

I found this post on, and found it pretty motivating. He found a great post on Warrior Forum by hemanmaximus that will give you some money making ideas for all of you with low or no budget. He proves that anyone can make money on the net if you think out of the box.

"Like i said we are going from $0 to upwards, which means $0 out of your pocket. When i tell people about how i started my online business with "NO MONEY" out of my own pocket, people just freeze up. Most people think "you need money to make money". Here is how i got started.

Step 1 - How to make money without any money upfront? Its darn simple, Write Articles. I wrote 10 articles about a particular niche at 400 words per article. I then sold those 10 articles at $5 each. Within 18 hours, I had sold the article pack and my paypal account had $50.

Step 2 - Do you keep writing articles? Heck NO !!! I invested my money. I went on to digitalpoint's forum and went to the Voucher section. I bought a varified google adwords account worth $100 for only $20. Thats right. So Now you have an adwords account good for $100.

Step 3 - Signing up for an affiliate program. I chose Azoogleads. The ringtone offers were really HOT.

Step 4 - Keyword research. I used the's keyword suggestion tool to pick out around 50 different keywords related to "ringtones". These keywords were getting good amount of searches per day (close to 300-400 per day). I then went to my adwords account and wrote up an "adcopy" similar to my competitors but not exactly same. And i set my spending limit to $50 a day which would ofcourse last me 2 days. After few hours, I checked my azoogle account and surprised to see i had 3 leads converted at $11 each. At this time i knew i was in a good spot because i was in profit. After the two days, my final figures were 34 leads earning me $374 (Minus $20 for adwords voucher). Pure profit of $354.

Step 5 - Do you stop? lol No way JOSE… Repeat and repeat. I repeated these steps, i believe 4 more times then i finally opened my "personal" adwords account with my own credit card. Because i finally knew that this is profitable and i had close to $2500 to back up my spendings…

So all in all, I went from $0 to $2500 within few weeks. Now remember, Its not as simple as it sounds. I researched every part of my system. Majority of my research was on PPC. I researched my competitors adcopy for few days. Then i created my own. Let me give you few tips…

Tip 1 - Write articles about something that you have knowledge of.
Tip 2 - I chose ringtone offers because at that time it was not saturated like right now it is. Research what's hot right now and then go for it.
Tip 3 - Research keywords properly. You do not want to have Ads running for a keyword which has 15 or more competitors. You'll just waste your money.
Tip 4 - Include your keywords in your Adcopy. #1 mistake most of the PPC marketers make is they don't include their keywords.
Tip 5 - Understand PPC, Read and learn about PPC from forums like warriorforum and digitalpoint.

So Now there you have it. Pure foolproof plan to making money online. Now it's your turn to take action.

PS - Please don't ask me to provide you with "screenshots" of the earnings as this was done many months ago.

PPS - This was how i got started from $0. You can do it too, Just take action."

My first reaction when I read this was how irrational it is to not want to spend money at the beginning, and how rational it is to have a sound marketing plan. People don't want to spend money to make money, but they'll spend it if they've just earned it. To me this doesn't make a lot of sense, especially if its still coming from your own pocket.

If you're confident enough to spend your own money, you shouldn't need to do extra work to get it. Just trust yourself.

Nevertheless, I believe the poster has more insight than that, and was simply trying to prove a point. If you go read those forums you will quickly learn that those guys are all business - they want to make money online. You can learn a thing or two from those guys and see what kind of a swagger they have about spending money on the internet to get it back in return.

Once you have enough confidence to spend your own money as an investment (and aren't an idiot), you know you're going to be able to make a profit in the long run.

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Have You Considered Forum Marketing?

When you do internet marketing, the first thing you will think is...TRAFFIC! How do I generate traffic? You know that without traffic there won't be any sales.

When there are no sales, the only thing you'll earn is a gigantic goose egg. As an Internet Marketer, you will be looking at every single method to generate traffic. There are tons of methods – pay per click, ezine ads, solo ads, joint ventures and many more. Well, in this post, as the title suggests, I am going to talk about Forum Marketing. Have you ever considered it?

I do not know why some Internet Marketers overlook the forums to get new leads. Do you know that there is a forum for almost every niche? You just visit and key in "[niche keyword] forum" in the search box. For example, if your niche is about dogs, then key in "dog forum". You will see a list of forums related to dogs.

For example, you have a product talking about dog training. You can join some forums that are related to dog training. Write a post that offers your product as a solution to their dog training problems. Then, leave a backlink to your site. This will be your forum signature. Your forum signature is the thing that will generate targeted traffic to your website. Hence, make sure you create a powerful signature.

Obviously, I am not talking about success overnight. Forum marketing takes time. First, you need to build good relationships with other forum members. Make sure they feel that they can trust you. You must follow the forum rules and avoid spamming.

Before you join a forum, it is advisable to read the forum rules. Once you are familiar with the rules, make sure you follow them. Don't straightway sell your product. Make friends with other forum members. If you know a certain thing, share with them. Then, they will begin to respect you.

Forums is all about sharing ideas and helping one another. That's why, people like those who help them. The first reason people visit forums is to ask for help. Hence, help others when they are in need of answers to their problems. However, don't give the wrong information. That's why it is advisable that you are knowledgeable of the topic.

If you are an Internet Marketer like me, then visit these forums...

- Warriorforum
- DigitalPoint Forums

By joining these 2 forums, you will make more friends and you can increase your knowledge about Internet Marketing. Furthermore, you can sell your products, domains, links and many more at Warriorforum and DigitalPoint Forums.

Therefore, join a forum related to your niche and enjoy the benefits. I am sure that as time goes by, you will see an increase in your website/blog traffic. Before I finish this post, remember one thing - PATIENCE! You need patience to see success. Good Luck in forum marketing!

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Make Money Online With Craigslist is an advertising website reaching more than 450 different communities. You can post almost all type of ads on Craigslist free of charge. So, there is no reason not to post your goods or services for sale on Craigslist.

What are the benefits of using Craigslist to make money?

Free, Simple and Easy
Anyone can register for an ad posting account on Cragslist with an email address. The process of ad posting is simple. All you need to do is add a picture and write an effective ad copy. Anything that is legal for sale can be advertised on Cragslist (From services and items for sale, to real estate and automobiles). You can post an ad or promote a business offer at anytime you want. Internet auction sites and local newspaper will charge a fee for an ad posting, but in Craiglist it wouldn’t cost you a single cent unless you are doing job ad postings.

Earn Extra Bucks with Minimum Effort
Craiglist is a great place for earning extra income as it lets you sell off your old stuff and things that you no long want for profit. There is not much work involved. You only need to post your items for sale and wait for the interested buyers come to you. There are groups of people actually running their business using Are you creative? Can you fix cars or motorcycles? The idea is to buy automobiles, fix them up, and then sell them for a profit. Creative people are selling goods made by themselves like quilts, crafts, and etc. Marketing and selling on Craiglist is free and can be fun sometimes.

Craigslist is Better than Yard Sale
If you run a yard sale, you have to be there all day to operate your yard sale. Bad weather could affect yard sale operation. By posting ads on, you can ask your potential customers to contact you via email. You decide who you want to deal with. Your personal email address will be hidden and there is an option to have all questions go through a email address that gets forwarded to you. It is important to protect your privacy and selling your stuff with Craigslist is more private than running a yard sale.

However, Craigslist isn’t perfect for business. If you are really using it to market your business, products or services, you will have to face with several drawbacks of Craigslist.

Limited Reach
Although, Craigslist is a popular ad website that has millions of visitors browsing it’s pages. But, all of those visitors are distributed among 450 locations. This is a disadvantage of Craigslist. You can’t advertise your business or products in more than one location at a time. If you are selling toys, and definitely you would prefer to market your toy products to people anywhere on the world. But is limiting you on this aspect.

No Seller Protection
Craigslist doesn’t offer protection of any sort to sellers. Unlike auction websites where they usually have a set of procedures to protect both the buyer and seller from dishonest individuals. When doing business in Craigslist, you make contact with your potential buyers and wish that they will not cheat or scam you. You will have not idea whether they are honest person who really want to do business with you or they are just a criminal that is dangerous to you. You will have to meet your buyers to deliver the product to them. You can ask them to come to your home or arrange to meet at a location. It is fine to meet someone if the item is small. But if you are delivering a big and heavy item, then it will be hard for your to bring the item to the meeting location.

You will Bear the Loss in Fraudulent Transaction does help seller to keep away from fraudulent transactions by posting notice explaining how to prevent these situations. Since is free, they only manage to give advice to the sellers; they don’t take extra responsibility to help protect the sellers. Unlike the auction sites that charge listing fees, as you are paying for the listing fees, the auction sites provide an extra level of safety and security. On an auction website there is recourse if someone sends you a bad check or if someone sends your payment through PayPal and then reverses the payment. But in, you only find the recourse through law enforcement for a bad payment like returned check or PayPal reverse. Your chances of getting back the product you sent out is not good. You probably suffer a loss for these fraudulent activities.

Now that you know both the pros and cons of using to make money, you can decide whether it is worth using Craigslist. When reading the advantages, you will find that Craigslist is a great website that can you help you make money and want to give it a try. But when you review the drawbacks, you may have changed your mind. So, to decide whether you should use Craigslist for your business, you need to weight the pros again cons to see whether it is right for you to make money online.

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Make Money With Copywriting

People who sell digital or information products on the Internet need a sale page. They need an effective sale page for marketing their digital products. They will then go to freelance websites or search on Google to find a right copywriter to write a sales page for them.

The difference between copywriter and article writer is that copywriter is writing sales copy for internet marketers and an article writer is writing and supplying articles of numerous topics to webmasters and bloggers. But, if you are already making money online with article writing, you might want to think about doing copywriting to increase your income source.

As there are many digital products launched every month, the need for a sales page is huge. So, copywriting can be a long-term profitable home business for you.

Even you haven't tried making money with copywriting before, you should give a try if:
  • You believe that you can handle the job well,
  • You are confident that you have what it takes to write an effective sales page and
  • You believe you can provide satisfactory services to the clients.
Copywriting is very important to the digital sellers; the result of a sale letter can make or break a business. I advise you sign up for some tutorials on how to write a convincing sales page.

You can start learning copywriting by reading e-books such as Sales Page Tactics and Underground Sales Letters.

Some experts say that the best way to learn copywriting is through studying and reviewing existing sales pages that are actually generating good sales for the sellers. is one of the great places to find and study the sale letters that work. Just use the search feature provided by Clickbank and it will return you a list of info products sorted by popularity. These popular info products usually sell well, so you can visit their sale pages and take the time to study them to develop your copywriting skills.

How Much Can You Charge For Your Copywriting Services?

There are basically three ways you use for charging your clients:

Per sales page fee - The charge can be $200 or $5,000 for a long sale copy, depending on the name you have established in the industry. But, those who just begin in copywriting charge only $50 for their first few copywriting projects.

Percentage based on total amount of sales generated - With this setup, you will be sharing the sale revenue of the seller usually ranging from 2% to as high as 30%.

Per hour charge - If you have been hired by a online businessman consistently, you can treat copywriting as a telecommuting job and start charging per hour.

How to Get Copywriting Work?
To obtain copywriting projects, you will need to market your copywriting service to targeted prospects. You can start off by building a website to promote your service. Do some ad placements such as PPC advertising, Craigslist ad postings, etc. to attract people come to your site and have a look at your service.

You should include some samples of previous works and also testimonials from satisfied customers in your website.

Another way to find copywriting work is through freelance service websites like and There are copywriting projects posted there and you can sign up as a service provider to bid for these projects.

Or, you can go to Internet marketing forums and post an ad stating you are offering copywriting service free. Some online marketers give your free service a try. If your work is good, they may spread the word out and you will be swamped with requests.

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Win 10,000 Entrecard Credits with John Chow

If you hadn't already heard, John Chow will be giving away 10,000 of his Entrecard credits.
John Chow

This is a worthwhile move for him because the marketing he would recieve from spending that many credits couldn't be nearly as worth what attention he will generate from this contest.

Just a few weeks ago, I bought a spot on Problogger's Entrecard widget. Over the course of the day I got about 60 clicks. I paid around 250 EC credits for that 24 hour placement.

Now, with the new Entrecard system in which the price floats up with the demand, I would likely have to pay at least 1000 credits. Simply put, it would not be worth it. Although you might not be able to afford a spot on John Chow's or Problogger's widget, there is no denying that a sound marketing plan could field good results from those 10,000 credits.

Click here to check out John's Contest page. If you're entering like me, good luck! And good luck to me!

Are you entering the competition? Don't forget to comment!

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Need A Credit Card? Mmm?

Ironically, when I started off blogging, I didn't even own a credit card. I used debit, and it greatly hindered my online money making opportunities. This is definitely the biggest embarrasment to date I have revealed to my readers. I'm not all that old, 19 in fact, and I recently signed up for my first card. As some may remember, I am a university student. Therefore, I started off with a student credit card (not the best). Ever since taking this step, my profits have skyrocketed because many online opportunities require a credit card for the transactions. I have steadily been able to build my credit rating as well.


When you're signing up for a card, you want to make sure you are working with a company you can trust. Comparing Credit Cards, est. 2001, can be just that. They are a third party website which provides the insight required to pick and apply for a credit card or find related services. They offer a very wide array of services and deal with many credit card companies. As they put it, you can 'get the credit you deserve' with this site. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or want to be instantly approved for a card, you should be able to find an application which accomodates your current situation.

It's always good to be responsible with your money, but sometimes you just need a helping hand. This website can be that helping hand. Of course, the site is a good place for finding a card regardless! Just take a peek if you're considering.

This is a sponsored post!

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Quick Info Product Ideas You Can Use To Make Money

There are so many people wanting to make money online by marketing information products these days because there is a huge demand for information on the Internet.

However, creating profitable info products requires a lot of time and work. You have to possess deep knowledge on a topic, take the time to gather the information needed and be able to write. But fortunately, creating info product doesn’t have to be this way. There are many easier and faster methods for creating a profitable info product. And with some of these methods you don't even have to be an expert on the subject that you'd like to create a product on.

Conduct an Interview with an Expert
One of the fastest and easiest ways to develop a valuable info product is to do an interview with an expert on the topic where you want to write about. Or you can interview several experts and put together all the interviews into one info product that cover different aspects.

To entice the expert accepts you interview, you would let the expert know the free publicity he/she would get from your marketing effort for the interview later.

Turn Existing Content into Products
You can just contact numerous experts to ask them whether they can submit their articles or reports on a particular topic. Then combine them into an e-book or an info product.

You would let each expert to include website links at the end of their articles so that they will get free web promotion. This is a way to encourage the experts so submit content to you.

Another idea is to borrow or reprints sections of existing e-book. Contact the product creator and ask permission for reprinting the content of the product in exchange for free marketing and promotion to them.

For example, if you have decided to use 'copywriting' as the subject for your info product, you may contact a few copywriting experts and request them to send you a sale letter they have written for a product. Once you got their sale letters, you can combine them into one collection of 'proven effective salesletters'. And that's it you have created an info product that can make you money.

Use Private Label Rights Content
There are many websites providing private label rights (PLR) articles, e-books and reports. Some are free and other charge a fee for downloading the PLR content. What you can do is to gather as many PLR products as possible then bundle them into a package and sell the package at a low price such as $9.99.

You can set up a sale page to market and sell your package and also post your offer on forums and ads site to get more sell.

Thanks to Money Maker Info for this article.

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Why Adsense Sucks

There are a few mistakes I have made as a blogger trying to make money online, and the biggest one I've made on the monetization front has been using Adsense. There are multiple reasons not to use it, and I think they apply to both new bloggers and veteran ones.

Once you shake that hand, you are screwed!

1. By the time you make the $100 withdrawal threshold, you will have found better ways to monetize you blog. Yes, Adsense is easy to use, but you wont get a penny unless you get all 100 dollars they require you to get before sending you a cheque. I personally like using Project Wonderful because you are connected directly to the advertisers, and you instantly scoop up any sort of money they're willing to throw at you. Because you get paid first, and because the advertiser can place whatever bid on your ad spot they feel it is worth, you will be able to monetize your blog at any stage.

2. The ads make you look tacky. Darren Rowse explained why he stopped using Adsense as being because 'other advertisers did not want to be associated with the Google Adsense program'. By the time you've made that 100 dollars, you will be trying to court private advertisers. If they see Adsense on your blog, they may wonder how committed you are to your blog, or whether you're just in to make a quick buck.

3. Your pay relies on clicks, not traffic, not quality, not Alexa Rank or Page Rank. You don't earn very much unless people are actually clicking on the ads. That means if your blog about something other than consumer products, or something otherwise useful or insightful, you aren't going to do well.

4. Because you're stuck with them until you get that damn 100 dollars! Google knows they win either way - either you leave and they don't have to pay you, or you choose not to leave and they earn more money off of you. Doesn't sound very fair, does it? I would much rather deal directly with advertisers than with Google each and every time.

If you're a new blogger - steer clear of Adsense! You will regret it.

So then, Peter, why on earth do you still have Adsense on your blog?
Because I haven't gotten my 100 dollar cheque yet. Once I do, that's the last you'll see of it - probably.

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A Larger Pile Of Sites That Pay

There are several miscellaneous ways to make money online. I've already done a few of these before, so here are some more.

All do not require a website, nor do they require an investment. The only thing required is a little time put aside. They wouldn’t be for everyone, but they are all relatively easy ways to make some extra money.

Google has a User Research section which pays individuals to participate in their online studies.

Microsoft has a feature called the Research Panel which pays you to offer feedback on their products and services.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk will pay you to do very simple tasks which will earn you a little bit of money.

eJury – Act as a mock juror in practice trials online. Earns you $5-$10 per trial.

WorkingSOL – A more demanding job which will pay you to provide technical support over the computer or phone. You choose your hours.

Appingo – Pays you to proof read and edit. To get accepted you must first submit a resume.

IntelliShop – Will pay you to shop at stores and then write reviews about the products/shopping experience

Mahalo Greenhouse – Pays $10-$15 per site you submit to their directory. Not all sites will get accepted.

Focus Pointe Global – Join up and participate in focus groups for pay.

Arise – Pays for you to provide phone, internet and email support for several companies.

CraZoo – Get paid to post in forums and start topics.

Tutor (.com) – Get paid to tutor people online.

ForumBoosting - Get paid to post in forums and start topics.

Opuzz Voice - Earn money by doing voice overs for their clients online.

SlashMySearch - Get paid based on how much you search on their search engine.

That's all for now.

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Keys to Snatching Some Wikipedia Traffic

Here’s a neat little trick to start getting free traffic and also increase your inbound links and Google Page Ranking. Here’s what you need to do:
1. Make a list of all your top terms or keywords that are related to your website or blog. For example my Keywords for this site could be - Link Building, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, Viral Marketing etc.
Looks like the Death Star, no?
2. Create a small section of articles on your website, or simply write articles that are related to the keywords above and make a note of their URLs. Write about 3 articles for each of these keywords. You may end up having a structure that looks something like this:

Link Building
| Article 1
| Article 2
| Article 3
Search Engine Optimization
| Article 1
| Article 2
| Article 3
Online Marketing
| Article 1
| Article 2
Viral Marketing
| Article 1
| Article 2
Important - Make sure that each article you write has good and valuable relevant content, and has links that point back to other stuff on your site. This type of internal linking will help in keeping people within your website.
3. Go to and search for these keywords. You may find many similar keywords and many keywords will have a high Google Page Rank (if you dont know what Page Rank is - look it up for now in Wikipedia itself). Briefly, Page Rank is Google’s way of ranking the popularity of websites. Read this to learn more how Google Page Rank works. Download and install the Alexa Toolbar - which will sit nicely on top of your browser area and will display the Page Rank of the page you currently are browsing. So, going back to finding your keywords on Wikipedia, many of them may have a high Page Rank. The higher the better. Why? Because, you will now post a link on this Wikipedia page to your article. And, since a Wikipedia page with a high page rank points to you, your Page Rank and popularity on Google will increase! So, the final step is...

4. On Wikipedia, click on the Edit This Page tab. Go to the portion that says:
==External links==
and add your link using the following code:
* [ Anchor Tag] A collection of free articles.

There’s nothing underhanded or wrong in doing this. Just make sure the articles you write are good and relevant. Do not spam Wikipedia with misdirected info and links leading to wrong and tasteless spammy articles - as its a self policing system and users will simply take down your spammy links - potentially banning your domain from Wikipedia. So, its in the best interest of everyone that you write good relevant articles and insert valuable and relevant links in the proper keyword/terms pages.

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Three Ways To Get BackLinks

We all know that without traffic, your Internet business will do nothing. Duh?
Backlinks, acting like large roadside signs pointing to your blog, will direct new visitors to your blog and give your blog the needed exposure. I will discuss three ways to get backlinks pointing to your blogs.

Yield to Backlinks.

Submit your blog post to social directories - This will quickly get backlinks to your blog. When done properly, a submission to Stumble Upon and Digg will create many backlinks and huge amounts of traffic.

Article marketing - Article marketing is still a great way to create traffic and back links to your website and for the most part is free. Just make sure your author bio box is well written and includes links to your blog. This is what gets the links to your blog as most article submission sites don't allow direct links. If they do then link away in the article also.

Post comments - A very effective and easy way to create backlinks is to comment on blogs that are related to yours. If people like your comment, they will most likely go to your blog to read more of your material. One great way to create back links is Posting comments in other people’s blogs. Every time you post you are able to include your name and your website address in some comments. Try to include your primary keyword in the name if you can.

These are three ways to get backlinks to your blog. None of them are hard and they don't take long to do. Once you start doing them regularly, it will become second nature to you. Just like watching all the traffic coming to your blog.

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How I Accidentaly Got 70,000 Unique Visitors

How did I get 70,000 unique visitors since July, 2007? Well, a big help was Google Images. I'll give you a few tips, and I'll also give you a personal story at the end.


I just didn't know what to do with all the sheep!

1. Insert keywords into your Alt Text.

This is the most important part of image optimization and you should include a keyword or phrase that is relevant to the image and your webpage. The alt text should be inserted in the code for your image file.

Here’s an example: Alt description goes here">

2. Name your Images with Descriptive Titles.

If you have an image of Lindsay Lohan, you could use the term ‘lindsay-lohan.jpg’ to name your image, instead of simply going with the original file name which could be something like ‘b473.jpg’. I usually name my images exactly the same way as my alt text.

3. Use relevant text around your images.

It is recommended that descriptive text with your targeted keywords be placed immediately before or after the image itself. If you do a search for any term on Google Image, you’ll find that a short description of 20+ characters beneath every image. You’ll probably notice that the keyword is listed in bold as well.

4. Add images from current Google images searches which are relevant to your blog’s topic.

People who may be looking for an image often don’t just want to see it, they’re using it for something. That makes the chance that they will be interested in your website if it is relevant to that image. Use this to your advantage, but don’t overdo it.

For the first three months or so of my blog's existence I was really milking Google Images for traffic. Soon after starting my blog I put up an image of a stack of money with the keywords 'money' nearby it. Surely enough I started receiving 1000 visits a day while making a few coins a day on a regular basis (There, the cats out of the bag. No more emails asking how I got such an exorbitant amount of traffic). This is what inspired me to keep blogging, because in the start I was really just looking to make money. I learned a lot about how to get people to click on my ads, but I also rested on my laurels a little bit. All I can say is that, in order to make a living in blogging you need to prove that you belong, and you need to have an inherent love for it.

Here are a few things I learned about getting higher Clickthrough Rates (CTRs) with Google Adsense through Google Images:

1. People looking for the image don't really care about what you have to say, so most of them will not read anything. If you want them to stay, it will have to because of something they saw. Expect low earnings from Google Images traffic.

2. Spread out your Adsense blocks and try to keep them above the image that's getting a lot of traffic. If theyre looking for an image which isn't immediately visible, they'll be swinging their mouse up and down to quickly get to the top and the bottom of the page. If you can space on the ad blocks, they're more likely to stop on one.

3. Try to get images with relevant keywords. This is the exact same as when you're trying to get traffic from Google search.

Plus, two ideas which are in a moral grey area but will probably get you more traffic:

1. Hide the image. If the visitor can't find the image, they'll be on your page longer.

2. Spell some of the keywords incorrectly, in your tags as well as your posts. You don't want to sound like an idiot, but not all typos are noticeable. Depends how much you need that traffic.

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Sell Photos Online

Return Potential: Hundreds yearly
Investment Estimate: $0 (minus fixed cost of camera of course, but it’s not worth doing if you don’t already have or plan on having a digital camera)
Effort requirement: Medium, then Low
Snap 'em then sell 'em.
Selling photos online is a quick, easy and potentially rewarding way of making money. Some websites will pay you every time a photo of yours is downloaded or sold. It is up to you to make the judgment on which route to take. If you are a photographer you would be best to go the pay per sale route. If you’ve just got a few shots which you think people might want to modify or hold onto, you should go with the pay per download route.

I am guessing that many people reading this will likely not have professional photography skills. In which case, try to gather up pictures which are rare, old, of some significance or of something famous. Keep in mind that if you’re taking photos with people in them, you get permission to put their picture on the internet. Some photo websites will require this.

This is a relatively simple and easy way to make money. It will likely not bring in high profits, but the effort it requires is low, thus I highly recommend it.

This website will pay you every time someone downloads one of your photos.

This website will give you commission on the sale of your photos.

You may as well sign up for multiple websites to diversify your profits.

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Earnings Still Trending Upward; Back From a Long, Long Hiatus

Hello all, sorry for the posting drought. After I returned from my vacation in Greece, (which was splendid) I was left without a repaired laptop. About a week ago I was informed that it was fixed, but as soon as I fiddled around with it I found new problems with it that hadn't been there before. I should be able to get it in a few days, but as of late I have had limited access to computers. It's been frustrating and I can't wait to get back at the blogging.

So what have I been doing all this time? School work mostly. I have also began a few other blogs which require a lot less time with much better earnings than this one. However, I must note that this blog by far gets the most traffic. I'm still averaging around 100 page views a day and I'm not even posting.

Where do I generate this traffic?
- Social Networking
- RSS Feed click backs
- Google/ Google Images

Right now I'm doing a few other blogs which are related to sports and health. I may link you to them but I don't want you to think any less of me while I slowly make them look tidier.

My earnings are trending upward on a month to month basis. I'll not say any numbers here, but I have in general found some consistency and haven't had two months in a row of decreasing earnings. Before I lost my laptop, I was on pace to shatter my December total. Right now I'm paced to barely creep past them. It's good to do a post again and I'll be back in full swings within a week.

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